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Lactation Support
for Mother & Baby

Breathe Again Myo & Lactation
Serving the Yuba-Sutter region, surrounding areas
& around the World in person or telehealth
with myofunctional therapy & lactation

About Us

After five months of intense exercises, I am happy to report that Kristin trained me to be a nasal-breather throughout the day, at night, and even when walking outside at a fast pace!  Kristin Jarvis is an effective, motivational Myofunctional Therapist, encouraging me through the whole program.   Read More 

Sandy D. 

“She sleeps better, her posture has improved, she no longer has saliva build up when she speaks, and she has way more control over her tongue. The before and after pictures are mind blowing! Kristin was thorough, clearly explained and demonstrated the exercises she had to do, and regularly followed up on her progress between visits.”

 A.C. (Parent Testimony)

“Kristin has taught me a great many tools in order to help me breathe, all of the tools are to help your mouth posture to gain better access to air so that you do not struggle from snoring. I would say she helped me from 40% breathing through my nose to 90%, which has drastically decreased my snoring and I wake up more fresh and energetic. Kristin is amazing!”

   Vik G. 

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