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Myofunctional Therapy Services  Office or Telehealth

  • TMJ pain

    • Neck and shoulder pain​

    • Facial pain

  • Difficulty with breastfeeding in infants​

  • Chronic fatigue

  • High blood pressure

  • Improper craniofacial development

  • Orthodontia relapse

Program Descriptions

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy is a specific program designed for the individual to address orofacial dysfunctions by coaching them through exercises to gain proper nasal breathing, lip seal, tongue placement at rest and during swallowing.

Many health issues caused by orofacial disorders include:

  • Sleep disordered breathing

    • Sleep apnea

    • UARS 

  • ADD / ADHD

  • Headaches

  • Poor posture

  • Tongue & oral Ties

  • Reverse swallow/Thrust

  • Vertigo

  • Bed wetting, drooling, snoring

Full MyofunctionalEvaluation
1 hour

Virtual or in person.  Ages 5 & up

A comprehensive evaluation of health history, tongue mobility and function, breathing, and symptoms to assess orofacial dysfunctions. Education about myofunctional disorders, how they relate to whole body, and how myofunctional therapy can improve or alleviate your symptoms.

From this an individualized plan will be created for you.

Myofunctional therapy Sessions
25-40 Minutes

Virtual or in person.

Coaching you through at least 12 sessions to eliminate old habits, correct compensations and meet the 4 goals of myofunctional therapy, which are; nasal breathing, lip seal, proper tongue posture and correct swallowing pattern.  Overall body health, sleep and breathing techniques will be addressed.

This can be achieved through exercises taught in session and practiced at home.

Mini MYO

This program is meant for younger children not yet ready for a complete program. Typically ages 2-5/6, can benefit from early intervention. Designed more to coach parents on exercises and tools they can use to help guide their child to proper craniofacial development. A myomunchee will be introduced and follow up appointments are necessary. The child most likely will need a full program later on.

Elimination of Habits

An individualized plan will be created to help correct habits such as finger sucking, tongue thrust, chewing objects and more along with the full myofunctional program. 

"Happily, I can confidently say that a successful therapy program can guide you or your loved one to overall better health and change your life!"


IMG_1623 (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Mini MYO

This program is meant for younger children not ready for an intensive program. Typical ages are 2-5 years, sometimes 6.


Elimination of Habits

An Individualized plan will be created to help correct habits such as finger sucking, tongue thrust,chewing on objects and more.

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