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Lactation Services  Office, home, or telehealth

Lactation Support is provided to help mother and baby work in harmony to better their feeding journey whether it be through breastfeeding, pumping and bottle feeding or alternative formula feeding.  These may include:

  • ·        Latching & Positioning                                                                       

  • ·        Pumping and flange fitting

  • ·        Nipple Shields                                                                 

  • ·        Bottle feeding

  • ​        Tongue & Oral ties pre/post therapy & stretching​

  • ·        Pre-birth education and feeding plan 

  •          Weight Checks               

  • ·        Going back to work 

  • ·        Protecting mother's supply                                     

  • ·        Breast & nipple care

  • ·        Clogged ducts, mastitis, blebs, & engorgement                               

  • ·        Breast refusal & nursing strikes                               

  • ·        Baby Milestones

  • ·        Disabilities

Pre-Natal Consult & Planning or Post-Natal Consult
1 hour


In person or virtual 

During the third trimester or if after the birth we will do a review of health history to see if there are any challenges you may face with breastfeeding and how to overcome them, basic breastfeeding education, breast assessment, how to prepare and what to expect in the first minutes, hours, and days after birth.  Making a feeding plan for your baby to encourage you in this journey so you can share beautiful bonding with your little one. 

Gift certificates available and make great baby shower gifts!

Lactation Support 



In person or virtual

Once you've made the transition from birthing location to home it can seem overwhelming and that you aren't sure of what to do if feedings don't come easily.  We will coach you through feeding your baby on the spot, protecting your milk supply, pumping, etc.  Having trouble with latching or positioning? This will help find the root cause of the problem and find the best approach that works for you and your baby. Any of the above items listed can be addressed in these appointments. 

Lactation Support includes:
Pre/Post Tongue & Oral Tie Therapy & Stretches

Has your baby been diagnosed with a tongue and/or oral ties? If not and suspected we have a great oral background to help assess and refer for diagnosis to specialist providers in your area for releases and other bodywork as needed.  We can assist in helping prepare parents and the baby for release procedures as well review stretches and provide additional information to promote a successful outcome. Helping baby and mom with breastfeeding post release is necessary as the baby may need help relearning how to use their tongue and facial muscles in harmony.

A Sight to See


Symptoms needing oral assessment & Lactation Support:

  • Poor weight gain

  • choking/gagging

  • hiccups(may start in utero with oral restrictions)

  • gassiness

  • colicky behavior/fussiness

  • acid reflux

  • trouble with latching and or positioning

  • leaking out mouth

  • receded chin

  • cracked/sore nipples

  • long feeding times

  • projectile vomiting

  • frequent feedings

  • low milk supply

  • body tension

  • torticollis

  • crying during tummy time

  • small tight mouth opening

  • refusing breast

  • baby is mostly mouth breathing

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